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The first version of Vietnamese Aodai wedding was in some centuries before. Then it takes artist as well as fashion designers years to change to modern wedding style to fit the atmosphere of modern time. Aodai nowadays would be in its fully beauty. However, people in the world had known it when it was in an old wedding styles - not because of the style but because of the lady who dressed it at Paris Conference to struggle for the peace of her country in early of 20th century - Ms Nguyen Thi Binh - one of famous Vietnamese politicians in Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Binh is a niece of Phan Boi Chau - a leader of Vietnam revolution when the country was under French, and of course, her family name had to be Phan as it was in full: Phan Thi Chau Giang. Giang joined the revolution, became Uncle Ho's sodlier and the first Vietnamese lady who was sent to the Conference in Paris with Vietnamese mission for political duty.

Phan Thi Chau Giang was then renamed Nguyen Thi Binh as many popular names in Vietnam, however, the name was aslo a hope not for any individual but for the whole nation at that time. Nguyen is one of the most common Vietnamese surname, Thi stands for fairy sex (while Van is the common middle name of men), Binh means peace. That is so called the meaning in Vietnamese names.

Vietnam is just a small nation in Asian, which became poorer and poorer after wars. However, its tradition and identity are those that still lasted long. The image of Nguyen Thi Binh in blue Aodai - a national costume with color of peace - impressed politician by the her out look and the way she convinced them to support for the Peace Agreement of Vietnam - in this case, it would be hard to answer the Aodai or Nguyen Thi Binh herself contributed to the success of Vietnam's revolution.

Aodai is once again remind people the nation's culture and awake their love for homeland, wedding lifee and peace, too.

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