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Vietnamese Wedding Aodai

Nowaday, Vietnamese brides usually choose the Western white dresses for their wedding. But another ones choose Aodai.
Wedding Aodai is a little different from unsual Aodai which are worn everyday . ( Vietnamese people usually wear Aodai as the uniform in some companies , the uniform in high schools...)

So How is the different between Usual Aodai and Wedding Aodai ?

Wedding Aodai has many colors: Pink, Red, Gold, Blue, White and Black. But with our tradditional, the Red and Gold are choosen most. Because the Red color means Lucky in life and the Gold means Rich and Royal.

But now, following the western style, many designers and tailors make Aodai in Pink, White or another colors fabric.
Wedding Aodai usually has 3 parts : Hat, long dress cover outside and Aodai inside. Sometimes, Long dress cover is as same color as Aodai but sometimes isn't.

The Bridegrooms sometimes wear Aodai, too.
And every details on Long dress outside are hand-embroidered or drawing by hand with the pictures of dragon with phoenix , or lotus flower

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