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The Wedding Ao Dai : Beautiful Vietnam

Today, most people are familiar with the popular Vietnamese royal costume from the Nguyen dynasty called the áo mệnh phụ. It is a lot more colorful and festive in decoration compared to the regular áo dài.

It has a long and flowing outer robe with huge, wide sleeves and is worn by royal females of the Nguyen dynasty for public appearances.

In the last few years, the áo mệnh phụ has been the standard costume worn by lovely Vietnamese brides. The áo mệnh phụ is often accompanied by the silk brocade, crown-like headgear called the khăn đóng.

Although the áo mệnh phụ’s popularity waned for a time because of its extravagant appearance, this costume has returned with a vengeance for both the Vietnamese locals and the members of Vietnam communities overseas.

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