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Vietnamese wedding song

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Đám Cưới Chúng Mình - Nguyễn Đức Quang
Đám Cưới Đầu Xuân - Trần Thiện Thanh
Em Đẹp Nhất Đêm Nay - nhạc Pháp
Hãy Yêu Nhau Đi - Trịnh Công Sơn
Lời Tỏ Tình Dễ Thương - Ngọc Sơn
Ra Giêng Anh Cưới Em
Ngày Tân Hôn - Phạm Duy
Đám Cưới Trên Đường Quê - Hoàng Thi Thơ
Anh - (biểu diễn bởi Trần Tâm/Mỹ Lệ)
Ngày Vui Bên Nhau
Ngày Vui Hai Đứa
Ngày Xuân Vui Cưới - Quốc Anh
Tơ Hồng - Nhất Sinh

Vietnamese wedding songs, be it the traditional wedding songs or the modern latest ones, are very popular and usually live wedding bands are present at most marriages that play the music on traditional musical instruments or modern equipment. Most of the Vietnamese wedding songs mp3 are available online for free download or one can listen to the music online on radio station. The traditional songs are much more famous than the new music and the lyrics are simple and fun and have rich meanings. The videos and clips too are available for free download or can be seen online for free.


Michael said...

Thanks for the tips, I was there in Vietnam for some time though in my short stay I was not able to gather detailed information about their cultures. One of my associates there has send me an wedding invitation and I have planned a Photo canvas with some precious moments of Vietnam in it. Am looking forward to the occasion.

Julia Cates said...

Vietnamese wedding songs are really great. I know more about their cultures.

Richard C. Lambert said...

If you drape the ceiling with color, maybe you don't need colored table clothes or overlays and can settle for the white ones many venues provide. Simply use drape the ceiling and use centerpieces as your main sources of color.groom mother wedding songs